Get ready to take control of your housing.


Get Off My Couch helps dancers and performing artists with housing in NYC.  From dancers new to the city seeking their first room share or apartment to experienced dancers and performers seeking to buy a loft space, live work or multi-use space. 


Our Services

We work with dance studios, dance companies and individual dancers to connect dancers with housing options in NYC.  We  have a roommate matching service where we connect incoming students with current students and alumni at their dance institutions. 


What Is a Get Off My Couch?

Get Off My Couch is a Real Estate Services provider focused on the NYC market. We launched because over 97% of dance studios, dance colleges & dance companies in NYC do not provide housing for their dancers. We focus on housing so dancers can focus on dancing and creating.


Free Consultations

Is your son or daughter coming to NYC for a summer program, professional training program? Are you moving to the city alone and not familiar with the market? Do you need market data? Are you a dance company seeking to offer a housing resource to your dancers? 



Our Practice

We have over 10 years of experience in NYC Residential Real Estate. We specialize in rentals and sales in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 


We take the stress out of finding a home in NYC. So you can focus on your passion for dance. 

— T.A. Fields

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A Top 10 Service

We create relationships with  individual dancers, dance studios and dance companies in NYC.